Ariana Grande Brings Her Mom & Nonna Onstage During 2018 VMAs Performance

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Ariana Grande performed “God is a Woman” at the VMAs and lets just say it was heaven on earth.

Ariana Grande straight up opened up the gates to Mount Olympus and unleashed all of the goddesses into Radio City Music Hall.

Ariana Grande opened up the gates of heaven and brought it to the VMA stage. She performed “God is a Woman” and it was a beautiful amount of estrogen.

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The stage was flooded with dancers dressed as goddesses and the stage literally looked like a galaxy swirling above their heads. It gave me hard core last supper vibes when they were gathered around the table. The stage was literally dripping in girl power and Ari could not have sounded better. Also that costume was everything.

Did I mention that there were pillars? It was like Greek Mythology mixed with angels and it was stunning. Even though the theatrics were next level, my favorite part was when Ari brought out her mom, grandma, and aunt onto the stage. It was the perfect summation of girl power and her paying homage to the strong female figures in her life. Loved it.

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