Cole Sprouse SLAMMED For Insensitive Travel Photos & Issues Apology

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Cole Sprouse gets SLAMMED for sharing an insensitive travel photo caption–check out why fans are upset, and see the apology he issued.

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As much as we love Cole’s sense of humor, this time he definitely missed the mark.

Besides his role as Jughead on Riverdale, Cole is also a very talented professional photographer, and he’s constantly sharing his photos to social media. Cole has posted everything from shoots with models, to stunning shots from his personal travels. Most recently he’s been sharing pictures from a trip to Manila in the Philippines, and one post had fans very upset, due to a tone-deaf caption.

Cole captioned most of his photos “Manila,” but then he shared a photo of some young children standing on the street, who are looking directly at him in the shot. He captioned it the picture QUOTE, “Well i’m not your parent, don’t gotta follow me around.”

Instagram users quickly commented on how insensitive the caption was, with one writing QUOTE, “…He didn’t mean his comment in a bad way, that is clear, but regardless of his intentions it was in poor taste. You shouldn’t post a photo of some innocent kid with her poor impoverished living conditions in the back and make a joke. A rich white privileged man going into a place he really doesn’t belong taking pictures and putting a caption like that…”

While some fans defended Cole for sharing the “real” side of Manila, most were not happy with the caption, and Cole took notice. He deleted the original post, and followed up with an apology post that read QUOTE, “For those of you that took offense to this photo or the caption, I removed it. My apologies, and not my intention. Certainly not seeking to sensationalize poverty nor poke fun, shoulda have thought more about the words used, and the implications of those words I hadn’t even considered.”

He also added that he’ll keep posting photos of his trip through Manila, and that he’ll continue QUOTE, “showing all sides of the city as experienced.”

Case closed, right? Well, not exactly. Despite his apology for THAT caption, Cole shared yet another photo of a barefoot man sleeping on top of some large sacks, which he also captioned with a joke, writing QUOTE, “These casper ads are getting more niche”, referring to the mattress company, Casper. Some fans felt this joke was also insensitive, with one commenting QUOTE, “This caption made me feel a little bit sick, especially because I didn’t expect it at all. It just feels pretty tasteless. there’s got to be a more empathetic and interesting story to tell.” Yeah I kinda have to agree with them on that — even though there’s no denying that Cole has an incredible wit, this joke just doesn’t really feel right next to such a powerful and moving image.

Of course, while many are upset with Cole’s captions on some of the photos, others have praised him for highlighting some of the darker realities of Manila and the people who live there. One fan commented QUOTE, “Oh wow. It’s uncommon for a celebrity to go out of his way to showcase a different reality. Manila is beautiful filled with resilient and unrelenting people making each day worth living.”

So what do you guys think? Are Cole’s captions insensitive? Or do you think it’s okay that he makes light of the images, as long as he shows the truth of the place? Let me hear all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below. Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed, I’m your host Vivian Saldana, and I’ll see you next time.

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