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Kanye West cut a call with wife Kim Kardashian West short to have a heart-to-heart chat with a paparazzo, and praised the photographer for the work he does.

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Kanye West praised a paparazzo for the work he does. The 40-year-old rapper was on the phone to his wife Kim Kardashian West when he opened up to the photographer in a deep chat.

In footage originally posted by x17online, Kanye asked the snapper his name, and found out that it was Art, who has two children of his own.

The star admitted that he realised Art has to work to provide for his family, and revealed that becoming a father himself has given him more respect for working dads.

He conceded that Art may not want to be running around filming celebrities and asking awkward questions, but described his job as a “very important” one that should be “respected”.

Nice one, Ye!


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