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Katy Perry’s failing car almost made her miss the Met Gala. The singer almost missed the annual event after her 1930s classic car didn’t start.

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Katy Perry almost missed the Met Gala after her classic car failed to start.

The singer wasn’t able to travel in the limousines booked for guests attending the annual fashion event, because of her oversized angel wings.
So she opted for a 1930s open top vehicle instead. Classy right?

However, the ‘American Idol’ judge nearly didn’t get to show off her outrageous outfit, because her car just wouldn’t start.

Luckily Katy did get to the event, but the drama didn’t end there as she almost knocked out her stylist with her huge wings.

Katy eventually removed her heavenly accessory and enjoyed the rest of the evening in a short dress, which didn’t almost injure anybody.


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