Mama June Watches Daughter Go From Pregnant To Married

Married Because It Is The Right Thing To Do? Or Because It Feels Just Right?


Engaged at sixteen, pregnant by seventeen, and married by eighteen?! ‘Hot or Not’ star, Mama June (aka June Shannon), experiences the wedding of eighteen-year-old daughter Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Shannon  in Las Vegas on April 30th, 2018. Lauryn Shannon has been engaged to now-husband Josh Efrid since he first proposed in 2016 when she was only sixteen. Josh Efrid is twenty-one years old, and he has always intended on having a two-year engagement with ‘Pumpkin’. There is no doubt the arrival of their baby girl Ella Grace Efrid in December of 2017 held Lauryn and Josh to their promise to wed when Lauryn turned eighteen.


The Story Behind The Wedding


According to a source, the wedding was recorded and is expected to air on Mama June: From Not to Hot  soon. Reporters state that the service was quaint and intimate. The ceremony was ordained within the wedding chapel at Planet Hollywood following a fun-filled weekend at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Amidst the crowd that attended the ceremony, and alongside Mama June, was Lauryn Shannon’s sister Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson. After the ceremony, the family was seen enjoying their celebratory meal at Buca di Beppo, an Italian restaurant known for their fresh and authentic cuisine.


If you are confused regarding how you should feel about this major life decision, do not worry. You are not alone. Apparently, Mama June was trash talking Lauryn’s husband Josh Efrid on her show Mama June: From Not to Hot before her granddaughter Ella’s arrival last December. Should we think much has changed since then? Maybe marriage can indeed bring people together. Or maybe Mama June is just playing nice. One cannot be sure but let us review reason to doubt Mama June’s kindness towards Josh Efrid.  


Being a teen mother herself, the last thing Mama June wanted for her daughter to experience at the age of seventeen were the hardships that accompany teenage pregnancy. Of course, as ‘Pumpkin’s’ mother, Mama June is expected to support her young teenage daughter. But that does not mean she must support her new son-in-law without him proving that he is ready to man up and father his daughter. As seen on Mama June’s show, June has expressed great concern about Josh’s ability to obtain a suitable income that will allow for her daughter and granddaughter to experience a modest and comfortable lifestyle.


Is it possible Mama June was too hard on Josh? Having experienced teenage pregnancy, and the stress that accompanies the abandonment by the fathers of her children, it is likely Mama June is bias. Surely, she has the best interest of her daughter in mind but is just a little too protective of her family. After all, blood is thicker than water.


Considering the family drama, a newborn, and newlyweds, what can be next for Lauryn Shannon? ‘Pumpkin’ is still expected to graduate from high school this year, and then carry on to cosmetology school. What do you all think? Being a reality TV star has its perks, right? So how bad is the lifestyle Lauryn Shannon and her husband are living? Some may say the couple represents babies having babies, while others see it is an adorable love story involving two people who simply wanted to start their family. I mean when you know, you know, right? And, worst-case scenario, Lauryn, Josh, and Ella will find themselves living off Mama June. Not for nothing, June’s net worth is one million dollars. That is not bad for a small-town gal who majored in broadcasting her life for the world to view. It seems that Lauryn and Josh are doing just fine and are set for life.

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