Zayn and Gigi: The Model Hollywood Couple Rekindling Their Love?

The Story of Zigi


This past March, fans were heard crying over the very upsetting news revolving Gigi Hadid’s and Zayn Malik’s separation from each other. The young couple seemed to have had a very loving and respectful relationship over the past two years, but both Gigi and Zayn tweeted more than cordial remarks earlier this spring regarding their breakup. Read Gigi’s tweet and Zayn’s for yourselves.


A Look Into Their Past


Rumor has it that Hadid, 23 years old, and Zayn, 25 years old, found themselves at odds end earlier this year due to their hectic schedules which revolved around their careers. Gigi, who is an American model for IMG Models since 2013, has been very successful in establishing her adulthood making a living as a fashion model and designer. And as for Zayn Malik, well who doesn’t know him? From One Direction to Pillowtalk, Zayn has been sweeping the nation as a singer since his audition on the X Factor back in 2010. So, were Malik’s and Gigi’s hectic work schedules creating a problem in their romantic relationship? Were they getting tired of traveling across the country to and from New York and Los Angeles, as well as across the world, to maintain their love for one another? Or is all this irrelevant considering rumor is…they are getting back together.

Last April, Zayn was spotted outside of Gigi’s building, maintaining a low profile dressed in a hoodie and sunglasses. After a brief conversation with Gigi’s doorman, Zayn was spotted walking inside to Gigi’s apartment. Was he there for a friendly hello? Are they now friends with benefits? Or was the get together merely the most respectful way for the exes to gain closure as Zayn was expected to remove his belongings from her apartment? You may have been inclined to believe the latter if we were still in April, but it is May baby. And the weather isn’t the only thing that seems to have changed.


Where are they now?


Since Zayn’s appearance in New York at Gigi’s apartment, photos have exposed the exes hanging out in SoHo. And they seemed to be a little more than just friends.


Perhaps it started with a whisper into one’s ear, which may have led to a friendly kiss on the cheek. Completely platonic, right? Sure. Let’s go with that.


But then, the formerly known Zigi was spotted making out like lovebirds shortly after their not-so-innocent kiss on the cheek. What could that mean? Was it just a reunion that felt too good? Was it a step towards redefining their relationship? Or was it an indication of something more serious? All are plausible, presumably. But of course, those that ship Zigi are praying to see the two together again.


So how do we predict the young musician and model feel about their breakup? They didn’t exactly leave much to the imagination after their heartfelt breakup tweets posted in March. Both shared words that weighed with admiration and love, and hope and promise to maintain the friendship they have established over the years. A source close to Malik states that Zayn will always love Gigi, and whether the relationship is platonic or not the source reveals it will still exist between the two individuals. And regarding Gigi’s tweet, it can be implied that the breakup is not a matter of “the wrong person” but rather “the wrong time”. They say you should never go back to an ex twice, but can Zayn and Gigi be the exception? When it comes to love, perhaps there aren’t any rules to follow… perhaps all actions are just.

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